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Coins Faucet - More Features

Manual Faucet

Earn 1 coins every 5 minutes

Minimum Payout

The minimum payment limit is 10 coins.

Auto Faucet

Earn 1 coins every 1 minutes


Earn 100 coins per ticket, Lottery base rewards 5 coins.


Payment Proofs

# Username Address Method Amount
44074 vasgall*********YJnYaDSkXGKvJM4RFjViEZ6q6 205 BITS
44073 ellamartinez*********c92hVYXkbZ3V46m1WSxJD6YKS 100 BITS
44072 tutalarson0302*********[email protected] 350 BITS
44071 virtuoz82*********mK8Gp2U5UJacZwpffeNHEHewd 100 BITS
44070 kasm*********[email protected] 150 BITS
44069 closh80*********uNcUgzGLXTG7mg5rmC8UyseHR 100 BITS
44068 ka12345a6*********@gmail.com 100 BITS
44067 alcore174*********nwXsHdnLUrhwHen7ojYaJJxz4 100 BITS
44066 virtuoz82*********mK8Gp2U5UJacZwpffeNHEHewd 100 BITS
44065 UAlex*********HapmsXwXnSLT15FrXcAbm6BEm 150 BITS
44064 shav0682*********wWxJ3fyqA5w1moWSJsb1F91vj 620 BITS
44063 closh80*********uNcUgzGLXTG7mg5rmC8UyseHR 150 BITS
44062 bitcoin1991*********cZFpb6W2NSU1M7LjCYAzrK97Q 100 BITS
44061 ellamartinez*********c92hVYXkbZ3V46m1WSxJD6YKS 100 BITS
44060 kasm*********[email protected] 250 BITS
44059 jessicagonzalez*********hJf9U5UZDo1U5uFHSEbAFzbMw 300 BITS
44058 virtuoz82*********mK8Gp2U5UJacZwpffeNHEHewd 250 BITS
44057 alcore174*********nwXsHdnLUrhwHen7ojYaJJxz4 100 BITS
44056 bitcoin1991*********cZFpb6W2NSU1M7LjCYAzrK97Q 300 BITS
44055 UAlex*********HapmsXwXnSLT15FrXcAbm6BEm 100 BITS

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EarnAds.top is a bitcoin earning platform where you can earn money with
manual faucet, auto faucet, shortlinks, ptc, lottery.

Yes, our platform is safe and your passwords are hashed.
We use a robust protection system, however, security depends on your settings too!

If you see that error, you will have to disable your AdBlock to be able to use the website.

You can deposit funds automatically with Coinbase.

First of all, you can't be connected in multiple places at the same time. If you are logged in on device A, as soon as you log in on device B, you will be logged out of device A. Also, if your IP address changes, you will be logged out.

Coins are an internal currency rewarded to you after every completed activity which can be converted into Token.
1 Token = 1 Satoshi

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